Goodbye insurance anxiety.
Hello Mono.

We all suffer from a little insurance anxiety. Now Mono is here to fix it. Mono is the insurance app that collects all your insurances in one place irrespective of what company your insurances are under.


One place. For all insurance companies.

In Mono, you can see how much you pay for your insurance premiums and determine if you are properly insured. Mono also reminds you of maturity dates and compares your current insurances with other options.

As a bonus, you can also discover if your partner bought a motorcycle you did not know about by getting a family account. Isn’t that good!

Psst. Of course Mono is completely free of charge.

Sign up for a free account with your Mobile BankID. Very simple and super fast in our app.

We collect all of your insurances irrespective of what insurance company they are under.

Great! You can now manage all of your insurances from one and the same place.

This is why there is Mono

House insurance, car insurance, boat insurance and so on…

We at Mono think that insurances are actually quite boring. Still, they are important to have. That’s why we started Mono. Mono is simply a service for all of us who want to check on our insurances - without having to spend a lot of time doing it.