How Mono works.

The complicated concepts explained.

What we do is called insurance brokerage. In order for the service to work, you need to approve a brokerage power of attorney. You do this using your Mobile BankID when you register your information in the app. The power of attorney is needed to collect all your insurance policies through Mono, give you advice on insurance questions, and help you to sign and terminate your insurance policies (only if you request to do so!)


Read through the short power of attorney.

Sign with your finger. We use Scrive for this, so you can feel safe.

Sign with your Mobile BankID.

It is always you who decides

If you want to sign or terminate an insurance provider it is always yourself that must make an active choice through the features available in the service. It is also up to you to choose from which insurance companies your insurance information is to be retrieved and you can cancel Mono at any time.